Our Team

Chris Sorensen

Chris is the owner of C&C Professional Truck Training of Canada, as well as owner of a family operated trucking company, Sorensen Trucking. Chris has been accident free for well over 30 years and has a great deal of experience to pass on to our students. With his knowledge of both sides of the industry he is a great asset to the school.

Eric St. Pierre

Eric has been driving commercially for over 30 years. He became a driving instructor 20 years ago. He is focused on training students to become excellent AZ drivers. We are pleased he is on our team.

Ken Zeran

With over 30 years of experience Ken brings a lot of knowledge and driving experience with him. He teaches our students to drive safely and defensively to become excellent AZ drivers. He is very well-versed in the AZ MELT program for AZ drivers. He is a great asset to our school.

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